dog looking backIn years past her home had a German shepherd they took to obedience school. Gina paid attention to all of the details about obedience and your relationship with your dog. The family’s shepherd was a bully and was a very dominant dog – not good with kids. One day Gretchen, the German shepherd, bit her and her younger sister. At 12 years of age, Gina called the dog trainer and asked her what was happening and how it could be fixed. Enlightened, Gina realized that Gretchen was not aggressive, as her parents thought, but rather needed her role in the “pack” changed.  Gina knew then, dogs were something very unique and deserved to be understood and have a strong leader.

Since the age of 14, Gina wanted to pursue a career with canines. Unsure of how to do this or where to start, she read every article and book she could find. Fueling the desire to work with dogs, she watched 4-H dog shows and decided she wanted a border collie. At age 16 she learned that one of her 4-H instructors was a border collie breeder. For her birthday her parents surprised her with her dog, Skye.

When Gina got Skye, she was 17. She applied everything she learned from the trainer and all of those books and articles. Training Skye in basic obedience, grew Skye to be a reliable recall dog, a dog who is completely off a leash in a normal environment and a few tricks. Needless to say Gina loved the process and the evidence of success. She wanted more!

After an 18 month internship with the woman who originally started Gina’s desire to be a dog trainer, her business began. During the internship, Gina began walking dogs, pet sitting dogs, and getting herself into the entrepreneur world. Slowly she has started building a business and watching it grow. Late in 2018, broke off from the trainer and built Alpha Omega Dog Service.

Skye is the reason for all of this. She is almost 8 now and the trainer gave Gina the internship because she had trained a dog to be off a leash!


Bridget - pet walker

BRIDGET – Dog Walker

Bridget graduated from Norwin in 1978 then attended the Art Institute in Pittsburgh. She is a life long resident of North Huntington. Bridget has always had dogs and cats and currently has three senior rescues. Retired from UPS, she wants to give her retired time to dogs. Currently, she is employed at Petland Norwin and with Gina at Alpha Omega Dog Service happily walking dogs!
dog walker kelly

KELLY – Dog Walker

As a millitary wife and mother of one girl, Kelly lives in Murrysville, PA. She has two fur babies but they meow and do not bark. Kelly loves the great town of Murrysville and has been a dog sitter for friends and family for many years. She is an energetic mom who cannot wait to give your dogs exercise. Because Kelly enjoys going to the gym, dog walking is a great additive to her workout routine. 

SAVANNAH – Pet Sitter

My name is Savannah, I graduated Mt Pleasant Area high school in 2021 and I am now commuting  to Penn State for veterinary and biomedical sciences. Not only do I love working with and training dogs, but I also show and breed poultry. I show in OH, PA, NY, and even KY! I love all dogs, but especially Australian Cattle Dogs. My dog, Paisley, and I love to hang out in the outdoors and on the boat. 
Savannah dog sitter & walker

Traci – Dog Walker

Traci is the proud mamma of 2 teenage boys. Living in Mt. Pleasant, PA, Traci has been a nurse since 2001. She loves helping others. After taking care of her mom for over 5 years in her home, Traci’s mother went to heaven in April of 2022. Traci considers it an honor to have been able to care for her mom all of those years.

Blessed with an 85 lb English labordor named, Lady Belle and her mother’s dog, a 7 lb yorkie named Harley, Traci knows how to extend love to animals. Feeling as though God placed dogs on this earth to show us His unconditional love, she recognizes that the word dog is God spelled backwards. Dogs love unconditionally as well.

Traci will be walking, pet sitting and floating where need be in the Mt. Pleasant and surrounding areas. 
dog walker traci
dog walker jordan hill

JORDAN – Dog Walker

As a junior at Slippery Rock University, Jordan is studying physical therapy. She is home during the summers, however, so she decided to take a different approach to a summer job. Growing up on a small farm with many animals, Jordan has had a lot of experience fostering puppies. Last summer Jordan got a dog of her own, a one-year-old, mini dachshund named Bean. Jessica takes Bean to college with her. Bean and Jordan go on walks just about every day. Because of this, Jordan found a great love for making sure dogs are able to get their exercise. This is why Jordan is excited to care for the canines in the Delmont area. 
dog in water